ABM Built

ABM embraces both automated technologies and the old world principles of woodworking. We artfully combine recent innovations in manufacturing processes with the timeless reliability of traditional woodworking. The approach we take to building, is to compose small elements of a whole, while focusing on the finite detail inside of those elements – which ultimately leads to improving the overall composition of the finished product.

Harmon Furniture Collection

The Harmon Collection combines old-world craftsmanship and attention to detail with fresh, unique ideas and designs. 

Repurposed Furniture Collection

This is the home for the cut-offs, the scraps, and the place where we let the creativity drive the design.

Modern Furniture Collection

The introduction of rich colors and textures dot this collection with subtle pops within layers. 

Bento Box Furniture Collection

A collaborative effort with Bento Box, a Brooklyn based development company.


Clients often task us with achieving textures and colors that match the intended mood they want the piece or room to elicit. We excel in achieving fully customized finishes that are generated to match the exact touch, look, and feel that the client is looking for. Once approved, the unique finish is extrapolated from a small sample board, onto the surface area of a 3D environment, while maintaining the level of continuity needed for an expert seamless finish.


A proven design starts with a concept born from inspiration.  In most cases, initial concepts undergo re-designs, modifications, refinements, and sometimes complete overhauls that barely resemble the initial design concept. We are in the business of facilitating that fluid creative process and developing a final design that surpasses the clients expectations.


Working backwards from the final design concept is the process in which we identify the parts of a whole. Creating manageable, definable parts of a project leads to superior quality, by focusing attention to detail in each segment that will translate to the overall composition. From reverse engineering a gazebo down to over 1,200 manufactured parts, to producing a run of 200 furniture pieces, the finite engineering of the process ensures its success.

Proof of Concept

After establishing the initial concept for your design, creating a prototype is the next step in development. ABM’s ability to custom-fabricate a variety of concept samples, through the use of CAD/CAM based technologies such as routing, lasers, and 3D printing, allows us to engineer functioning prototypes. These “proof of concept” models allow for functionality testing, practical budgeting, or further exploration of the viability of the design.


Our facility is a climate controlled environment outfitted with necessary machinery to manufacture any aspect of today’s luxury interiors. We are flexible enough to address various scopes of work that fit our clients’ needs. The facility easily transitions between production-heavy projects to small batch projects-with tools from a CNC router down to a chisel and mallet.

Product Development

Our product development services involve strategy planning to achieve the maximum incorporation of both necessary functionality and desired creative touches of a particular product.  Through our expertise in custom manufacturing and production, we create viable solutions for products or concepts in need of further development.  Our knowledge of material tolerances and process of construction allows us to generate turnkey schematic drawings which take a product idea through the first phase of development.

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