Large Scale

Tucked back into the woods, in the classic rolling hills of middle Tennessee, this stone home sits atop a ridge that opens up to the west, for a nature lover’s view. The scale of the open rooms and cabinetry in this house presented some engineering challenges, such as how to produce the 11 ½” foot tall cabinetry and a hood that was over 8 ft. wide and 6 ft. tall.  Many of the upper doors were 42” tall, which in a paneled door, tends to want to twist over time if  proper thickness and durable joinery are not carefully considered on the front end of design.
“ABM fully exceeded our expectations! Not only did they produce an excellent product, they worked closely with our designer to generate exactly what we wanted. They also were accommodating throughout the project.”
OPEN PENINSULA SURFACE with wine and serving cabinets on the side facing the dining room, and kitchen cabinetry on the other, had to be hung from a structural beam.
17 ft. WALNUT ISLAND with incorporated steel as well to support the extended overhang of stone cantilevered over our bracketed solid wood apron.
An open and expansive kitchen was envisioned and created, with a peninsula style working surface, complete with side-facing wine and serving cabinets presenting toward the formal dining room. The massive kitchen cabinetry was hung from a structural beam.  This required the engineering of steel plate straps that would recess into the backs of the hanging cabinets and wrap around the beam, to not only carry the weight of the cabinet, but its contents.  We then fabricated a second header-piece that was installed over the metal supports, which tied the cabinet transition to the crown seamlessly.
The impressive scale of the kitchen was finished off with a 17ft. long walnut island that incorporated steel as well, in order to properly support the extended overhang of stone cantilevered over our bracketed solid wood apron.

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